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  •   Photo includes options

  •   Photo includes options

A popular seat that converts from back-to-back to a lounge/sleeper position. Available with a length 1750 mm, different length on request. Comfortable PUR cushions to absorb tough shocks. Durable marine-plywood 12 mm. Heavy-duty S/S hinges, fastened with and T-nut inserts and S/S screws. Stainless steel staples . Large storage space beneath the seat.

Standard height 150 mm, others available.
Strong support fitting.

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT] Price / Euro [with VAT]
10301Touring, Back-to-Back, length 1090/1600419,00498,61
10302Touring, Back-to-Back, length 1200/1750460,00547,40
10305Protective cover Touring, Back-to-Back139,00165,41
101902-colour surcharge Touring, Back-to-Back43,0051,17
10192Piping surcharge Touring, Back-to-Back43,0051,17

Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) for deliveries to private customers within the EU is 19%. For residential customers outside the EU, the VAT in the respective home country (= shipping address) is taken.

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