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  •   Triton turntable

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      T-System X-Move / Triton turntable

  •   T-System turntable

  •   T-System turntable

  •   Triton excentric arm

Turntables for a pivoting table top

Use for table columns only.

Triton turntable

For tables in "RV". Material: steel, black powdercoat. Floor attached for base Ø 300 mm. Infinitely pivoting and locking by friction. Height 15 mm.

T-System turntable

Made of anodized aluminium. Fits between Triton table column and T-System table support. Lockable each 45°, with pull knob. Height 54 mm. Also usable as pivoting table support, without T-System support (height 14 mm).

Triton excentric arm

For a 150 mm out of center placed table top. Height 10 mm. Usable with Triton turntable (item no. 639091).

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT] Price / Euro [with VAT]
639091Triton turntable, base Ø 300mm, height 15 mm99,00117,81
639092T-System turntable, height 54 mm / 14 mm (without T-System support)117,00139,23
639093Triton excentric arm, height 10 mm78,0092,82

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