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Free standing, easily removable table pedestal with comfortable locking system for optimal space in RV and boat. The pedestal is easy to install and remove by 270° pivoting moverment of the column. Vinyl support for removable and pivoting table top. Base gradually rising up to 12 mm to avoid stumbling. Extractable bench/bed systems in campervans will slide over the base easily. Available with a coated steel base for RV‘s or a polished stainless steel base with watertight slot for maritime purposes.

Columns are available with diameter 60 mm for table position and 76 mm for bed and table position.
3 models, available in several heights:

• Anodized aluminum, ribbed surface
• Anodized aluminum, smooth surface
• S/S 316, mirror polished

Standard heights 670 and 720 mm. Each Ø 76 mm model is also available with length 400 mm for bed height.
Rubber clamps are available for the demounted column.
Other solutions for table tops with pivoting, folding or sliding movements on request.

This pedestal is not suitable as seat pedestal!

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT] Price / Euro [19% VAT]
62842 G/BBase grey or black, steel, column alu, smooth surface Ø 60 mm, height 735 mm
62851 G/BBase grey or black, steel, column alu, ribbed surface Ø 60 mm, height 685 mm
62871 G/BBase grey or black, steel, column alu, smooth surface Ø 76 mm, height 685 mm
64021G/BQuick Release RV base, steel, Ø 245 mm, height 14 mm, powder coated, grey or black
64027GQuick Release RV flush mount base, Ø 110mm, steel, grey, top plate 3 mm, recessed locking part: Ø 40 mm, depth 8 mm
64023Table support, fitting column Ø 60 mm, for pivoting and removable table top, material: grey vinyl
63776-QRTable support, fitting column Ø 76 mm, for pivoting and removable table top, material: aluminum, grey powder coated
69061Wall mount clamp for Ø 60mm column, black vinyl

Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) for deliveries to private customers within the EU is 19%. For residential customers outside the EU, the VAT in the respective home country (= shipping address) is taken.

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