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  •   Lambda Deluxe MB / PB

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  •   Photo includes options

A double telescope with a stroke from bed to table height features this sophisticated table pedestal. Unlike others no room underneath the floor is required. Anodized ribbed tubes of diameter 100/76/60 mm made of aluminium, anodized base and powder-coated support made of strong casted aluminium. Support removable. Manual or gas strut height-adjustment. Surface mounted for bed & table height. For removable table top. Ribbed columns. Base Ø 300 mm.

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT] Price / Euro [19% VAT]
36704Lambda Deluxe MB IV table pedestal, manual adjustment 340-690 mm385,00458,15
36705Lambda Deluxe MB V table pedestal, manual adjustment 350-700 mm385,00458,15
36706Lambda Deluxe MB VI table pedestal, manual adjustment 360-710 mm385,00458,15
36716Lambda Deluxe PB VI table pedestal, Powermatic adjustment 360-710 mm551,00655,69
36718Lambda Deluxe PB VIII table pedestal, Powermatic adjustment 385-730 mm551,00655,69
Options/matching items
64200-40Table slide system, length 405 mm, slides 185 mm (63160/63161) / 125 mm (63760/63176)53,0063,07
64200-49Table slide system, length 490 mm, slides 270 mm (63160/63161) / 210 mm (63760/63176)53,0063,07
64200-63Table slide system, length 635 mm, slides 415 mm (63160/63161) / 355 mm (63760/63176)55,0065,45
64200-70Table slide system, length 705 mm, slides 485 mm (63160/63161) / 425 mm (63760/63176)55,0065,45
64220Sliders, slides 180 mm, locks at both ends, locking with one grip at front, height 30 mm90,00107,10

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