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The solid seat support of the Poseidon pedestal is suitable for box-mounting

Item no. 10001
With a for/aft movement of 150 mm.

Item no. 10002
With a for/aft movement of 180 mm plus 360° rotation with locking in 22,5° increments.

Item no. 10004
Extra long model, with 150 mm for/aft movement, suitable for Varius Bank and other benches.

Item no. 10005
Very light slider for box mounting.

Premium quality.

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT] Price / Euro [19% VAT]
10001Poseidon S, box mount, slides 180 mm, height 85 mm638,00759,22
10002Poseidon PS, box mount, slides 180 mm, pivotes 360º, locking at every 22,5 º (16 steps), height 125 mm747,00888,93
10004Poseidon B, bench slide system, locking at one side, width 900 mm1416,001685,04
10005Retro S, seat slider, box mount, locking at both sides, handle at front, slides 190 mm, height 75 mm136,00161,84
10009Deckmount plate for Poseidon48,0057,12
64305Footrest for Poseidon/Proteus, height 175–260 mm319,00379,61
64309WAegir, S/S footrest, white349,00415,31
Options/matching items
64305Footrest for Poseidon/Proteus, height 175–260 mm329,00391,51
64309WAegir, S/S footrest, white359,00427,21

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