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About us

Lande Marine was founded by both Zwaardvis and Pörtner Seats in 2010. Both companies have been working together for more than 3 decades and produce special chairs, pedestals and table-columns for the maritime leisure and commercial markets. In addition Zwaardvis is a major supplier to the motor home and caravan industry, Pörtner Seats to the casino and gambling hall branch.

Pörtner Seats and Zwaardvis trade independently in Germany and the Netherlands under their parent company "Lande-Holding" (about 200 employees, Lande office chairs and furniture, Artifort design furniture. With factories in Schijndel/The Netherlands, Lanaken/Belgium, Bursa/Turkey).

Most parts of the portfolio are manufactured in-house. Zwaardvis is focussed on metal-production on modern machines, powder-coating, painting and seat foaming with own moulding facilities and assembly of the pedestals. Pörtner Seats produces and assembles the complete seat-upperparts. Small and middle series are dominating, customized parts are possible. Products are distributed worldwide.

Both companies are family-run in the 2nd and 3rd generation. Product quality, reliability and ergonomic design have priority before fashionable trends. All of our products benefit of a comprehensive part- and repair service even for elder models. Special parts will be manufactured according to sketch or drawing. We always try to be a reliable partner to do business with for seats and pedestals.

Federations: HISWA, ABYC, German Boat builder Association.


  Do you really sit in an ergonomic way
– do you sit comfortable?

Many hours at the helm –
pain in the back in the evening ...

Comfortable sitting starts with ergonomically correct positioning of the pelvis.The cushion takes the impact from the body weight and spreads the pressure.Beware of smooth "sofa" foam: You will sitting or relaxing in a way that your muscles expand a lot and you will find you get tired after a short time. In contrast stabilization of the body while sitting upright on a quality foam will maximizeyour alertness and fitness.

  Mounting of pedestals

• Preferably bases of pedestals are fastened with stainless steel screws
• thread M6 or ¼ inch
• Whenever possible use existing threads on the floor
• In case the pitch is different take an adapterplate of aluminium f.e.
• and drill holes (if necessary countersunk) for the old pitch and threads for the new base in it.

Stainless steel screws have a tendency to seize. A small amount of grease applied to the screws before they are fixed will help prevent this happening.

To avoid electrolytical effects (ss screws on casted aluminium + saltwater) we recommend Tef-Gel.


Aluminium is treated with an electrolyte process which provides a tough oxydized coating protecting the aluminium from influences by salt- and freshwater.


Powder is spread on polished cast aluminium and stoved afterward for protection against aggressive atmospheres.

  Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a high-chrome steel with superior corrosion resistance. The main stainless steel grades are AISI 304 with good corrosion resistance and AISI316 with excellent corrosion resistance.

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